$60 dollars per boat per tournament.

Includes: $10 per boat Lunker pool and $4 administration Fee. It does not include any launch fees.       

  • You may fish alone or with a partner. Only 5 fish may be weighed in per boat.

  • All anglers MUST sign a blanket *Release (Hold Harmless) form before they will be permitted to fish. Anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

  • Idle speed only on some lakes until 9am. Anglers will be notified which lakes prior to the start of each tournament.



1st and 2nd and Lunker all tournaments.

minimum of 3 boats for an official tournament.


In addition to B.A.S.S. rules the following rules apply:

  • Entry and Launch Fees are paid prior to the start of any tournament. If you are late to the start you must find the Tournament Director to pay fee (s) before you will be considered as entered.

  • PFD’s must be worn whenever your gasoline engine is running! Violators will be DQ’d

  • Failure to return to launch by the prescribed ending time will result in a penalty of 1lb per minute. After 10 minutes angler (s) will be DQ’d

  • There is a five fish (5) limit per boat.

  • Landing Nets Are Permitted.

  • Live bait or drinking alcoholic beverages is not permitted during tournament hours, which includes the weigh-in. Violators will be DQ'D without refund.

  • All Live wells will be checked prior to the start of all tournaments.

  • A courtesy “Golden Rule” check (for short fish) will be provided upon request prior to the weigh-in.

  • Penalty for dead fish is 8 oz. per fish. "Dead" fish can not be culled. 

  • Penalty for short fish is 1 lb per each short fish.

  • Penalty for bringing more than 5 fish to the weigh-in is the disqualification of the largest fish.

  • Ties in weight will be broken by the Lunker of the anglers involved in the tie. Always weigh your largest fish.

  • Tournaments from June to September will begin at 6:00 am and end at 2:00 pm, September to last tournament 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  • Pre-fishing on private lakes (lakes with no public access i.e. Filipini, Crystal, Washington, etc.) is prohibited 30 days prior to a tournament, violators will be DQ’d.

  • A disqualification during a tournament will result in the forfeiture of all tournament and launch fees.

  • Once a tournament begins it is considered an official start. It is up each individual angler and / or partner to make safe and informed decisions as to when to leave the water due to serious weather conditions. It is always suggested to find safe harbor in the event of lightening. Please remember "SAFETY FIRST".

  • Anglers may not leave their boat during tournament hours except in the event of an emergency or bathroom break. 

  • A dead fish penalty is 8 ozs and is deducted from the actual dead fish. If that dead fish is the lunker the 8 ozs comes off the lunker prior to recording the final weight.  

  • Because of  close lunker weights and to be fair and consistent, all lunkers will be weighed to the 1/4 of the ounce.

  • The following RULE will go into effect immediately:


  • Any angler wishing to weigh a LUNKER must do so before weighing his or her total catch. Once the total catch has been placed on the scale the opportunity to weigh a Lunker has been forfeited.


  • This is to avoid weighing the water of multiple fish which has collected on the scale from the total catch rather than weighing just a single fish’s water.​


*Participants understand that these tournament exits solely for the recreational enjoyment of fishing and further understand they are guests at many of the fishing locations. Boat owners must carry a minimum of $100,000 boater’s liability insurance on any boat used to participate. All anglers will be asked to sign a “Hold Harmless” waiver which covers the location owners, administrator (s) and all other participants.


**Hudson River minimum length is 15”

Sunday Bass Tournament Series

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